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Instead of Invisible Children and its “Kony 2012” Campaign, Try these Charities:

If you need refreshers on why Invisible Children is the wrong organization to choose, refer to the real history about the regionwho IC associates with, what the consequences of military intervention would be, and its overall poor ratings from multiple accountability-agencies. Don’t be misled by the video.

The following charities do not have the goal of becoming a belligerent in war nor lobby for acts of war; their primary focus is sending direct and peaceful aid to people in places of crises. They also have no questionable ratings or financial conditions. I donated to one last night with good conscience, because I know my money won’t be going toward trying to perpetuate a war.

1. First we have Africare, an organization founded in 1970 that has assisted more impoverished people in Africa than any other U.S.-based charity. Notice that Charity Navigator ranks it with a solid 4-stars across the board; this rating is accompanied by a positive review from the Better Business Bureau.

2. Save the Children - Uganda. Charity Navigator ranks it with, again, 4-stars across the board. And the Better Business Bureau gives it a very good review. This charity, started in 1932, evidently uses most of its revenues (unlike Invisible Children) in fighting poverty all over the globe; not only this, but the amount of revenue it receives is substantial.

3. Children of the Nation International was founded in 1995 and has reached over 26,000 people with its very limited source of income. My understanding of this organization is that it is more "spiritual" (just in case any of you are looking for that in a charity). Charity Navigator gives another 4 stars to CotNI, and the Better Business Bureau report is very positive as well. The only flaws that the BBB sees is an uncompensated board (doesn’t that just mean more money for the cause?) and an un-thorough self-assessment.

4. African Medical and Research Foundation - founded in 1957, this charity focuses primarily on the health of people all over Africa rather than crisis-related aid. AMREF USA receives 4-stars from Charity Navigator and the "thumbs up" from the Better Business Bureau

5. has been persistent in its efforts to send help to people without water in Africa. The Better Business Bureau rates it just as well as Charity Navigator does, and definitely deserves the positive feedback. It should be noted that even with the substantial decrease of revenues in 2010, it did not cut back on its expenses for its mission.

And these are just five out of however many charities solely helping the people. Just do a quick Google search of any other charities helping Uganda (or all of Africa - remember that Uganda is not the only place ripped apart by war) if none of these satisfy your standards. Any of these choices would be better than helping commit ourselves to war and making the conflicts of a region worse.

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