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The Kony 2012 Campaign…

Hurts themselves by suggesting the U.S. military should train the Ugandan and Sudanese forces. This is chiefly because these same armies have been raping and looting! Invisible Children defends them because they are well-armed, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are also guilty of war crimes. 

The only hope for the Kony 2012 movement is to suggest that the United States intervene itself and find Kony (who isn’t even in Uganda anymore). This of course entails a full-out war, which I’ve already made the argument against. Well, the argument is against all intervention. Intervention has only gotten us into a deeper ditch. Seeing the solution as digging down deeper is foolish. You won’t come out the other side of the Earth, you’ll kill yourself before you even reach halfway to the center.

Invisible Children supports the dictatorship of Uganda. It therefore supports its military. Hey, did you know the Ugandan military also recruits kids in their fight? It also works with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Did you know they rape, loot, and recruit kids? 

In fact, the reason that the LRA receives funding from the Sudanese government is because the SPLA exists. The SPLA is a rebel group fighting against the government of Sudan. So of course Sudan funds the LRA to fight its common  enemy. By the way, Sudan receives funding from us every year. 

Now let’s talk about the fact that Invisible Children has been caught lying in their videos. How about the way that Invisible Children is trying to drag another war into America’s scope using these video techniques? Or it’s offensive oversimplification of Central Africa’s strained history since its colonization by Britain! It’s a good thing that the knowledge of IC’s poor ratings are available to the public.

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